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-   ZOUTE GIN  -

Zoute Gin presents an unusual experience thanks to its mineral salty accent from
the samphire inside. In addition, it offers hints of juniper, coriander and subtle citrus.  
The name originates from 'Le Zoute' the exclusive village at the Belgian Coast,
where the recipe was created. The gin is handcrafted in small batches
for P. Gobert and distilled in The Netherlands.





We selected a number of premium tonics that match Zoute Gin very well. Our first choice is to add 
Fentimans traditional or rose limonade. The latter is particularly appreciated by our female customers. 
We also highly valued the combination with Thomas Henry Elderflower, a truly powerful alternative.



Our Zoute Salty gin is superb when combined with seaweed. Caution! Seaweed expands in your glass,
beware not to add too much! Unless you want to be the talk of the town for the night.
Next to seaweed, you can add other botanicals especially rose petal, juniper, orange blossom or orange peel.

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